CIS Cup 2015

Have you ever heard of the annual CIS cup? Dedicated to 13th KazSociety’s Birthday this year?

  • 1st RULE: You do talk about the CIS CUP on 5 December.
  • 2nd RULE: You DO talk about the CIS CUP in the Wembley Powerleague (postcode HA9 0WS). 3rd RULE: Do respect 17 Laws of the Game to ensure order and fairness in play formulated by FIFA otherwise the match is over.
  • 4th RULE: Only two legionaries to play on the play-field.
  • 5th RULE: Only 10 people in a team with 5 on the play-filed and 5 on the replacement.
  • 6th RULE: Applications must be sent to
  • 7th RULE: £80 per team and must be paid with the application
  • 8th RULE: Call +447455006499 if you have any questions

These are the rules of the CIS CUP!