About us

We are a society of students from Kazakhstan studying in the UK. While our committee is based in London, we also cooperate with other Kazakh societies from all around the UK.

As a society we aim to:

  • Serve fellow students from Kazakhstan by providing information and support.
  • Enrich students’ lives and promote Kazakh culture through organisation of large scale cultural, informational and entertainment events.
  • Make life in Kazakhstan better by financially helping people in need.

Our values

The values of the committee are following:

  • Hard and honest work.

    We believe this is the only way to foster strong relationships and do high-quality events.

  • Friendship and mutual trust.

    Both inside and outside of the KazSociety.

  • Focus on progress and search for new ideas

    We always strive to make better events, provide better support for students.

  • Respect

    Of other cultures and societies.